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Spectrum Hollow Fiber Membranes vs. Others...

Better Fiber and Filter Quality

Spectrum's hollow fiber membranes are anisotropic in structure. UF membranes have a high density skin layer for less fouling and a fairly open outer support structure for increased filtration rates. MF membranes have a retention defining microporous outer skin and a more open inner layer for increased filtration with higher recoveries. Furthermore, the filter housings are engineered to handle higher pressures and autoclaving. Unlike our competitors, Spectrum boasts 100% filter integrity testing!

Spectrum Hollow Fiber Membrane Filters

  • Manufactured under GMP in a Class 10,000 Clean room
  • Low Bioburden
  • Meet USP Class VI Standards for Biocompatibility
  • Surfactant Free
  • 100% Integrity Tested
  • Easier FDA Validation
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified

True MWCO and Higher Yields

All ultrafiltration membranes demonstrate a characteristic sigmoid-shaped % retention curve that starts to descend at about 95%. Other companies randomly classify their membrane MWCO's based on test molecular weights that are significantly higher or lower than the "descending point" and have % retentions ranging from 30 to 90%. Although a competitor may claim a particular MWCO, they may not have tested that molecular weight and do not "disclose" the significant % loss associated. Spectrum classifies the membrane MWCO's based on the 90 to 99% retention of test markers with molecular weights at or near the "descending point". This assures an accurate and higher expected product recovery without the "undisclosed" % losses.

Hollow Fiber Filter Sizes

Disposable Filters and FDA Validation

Spectrum is the only company that prices hollow fiber filtration membranes so low that disposability is not just an option... it's preferable. Disposability also saves process costs and time associated with flushing, cleaning, storing and testing required of filters that are re-used. Disposable filters eliminate any possibility of sample and lot contamination making FDA validation much easier than ever before. Only Spectrum allows you to Experience Disposable filters and FDA validation!
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