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Spectrum Labs, the leader in filtration and laboratory dialysis.
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Privacy Policy

Spectrum will not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise provide to a third party the information you provide to us on this web site in exchange for monetary payments. Since we deal with a variety of independent distributors and dealers, we may decide that one of these distributors or dealers may be able to assist us in meeting your needs. If we decide that one of our distributors or dealers can assist us, we may provide them with your purchasing history and/or your contact information.

Spectrum collects the following information:

  • Your general location (approximate continent). This is used when requesting current pricing for ordering purposes. It allows us to determine which of the international price lists to reference.
  • Your email address, this is used for marketing and to contact you regarding any orders.
  • Your name and address. This is required when placing an order and allows us, if it should become necessary, to contact you concerning your order.
  • Your shipping name and address. This is used when placing an order so that the goods can be delivered to you in a timely fashion.
  • How you came to this web site. This is used to provide sales incentives to our dealers and associates.
  • The information your web browser reports about your computer display.

Spectrum places up to 4 identifiers on your computer using "cookies". These are related to the shopping functions. If you elect to not have cookies stored on your computer, these are temporary cookies and are discarded by your browser when you close its window; if you elect to have cookies stored on your computer these will remember your identity for a little more than a year after your most recent visit.

Spectrum reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time without prior notice. If you would like us to remove your information from our database, you need to contact Spectrum by email at webmaster@spectrapor.com. In your message you need to include your name, the email address used when you registered, a daytime telephone number, and a mailing address.

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