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Specimen Containers

Tissue And Bone Storage System - Sterile

  • Allows the storage of bone or tissue harvested during the surgical procedure with no break in the sterile integrity
  • Units are considered safe for temperature extremes to minus 80 degree centigrade

Containers are molded from polypropylene with polyethylene lids. The containers are highly resistant to most chemicals, including formaldehyde, most bases and weak acids. Container can withstand boiling and freezing. Temperature range is 82 degrees C to -80 degrees C.

The container system allows secure storage of bone or tissue harvested during the surgical procedure with no break in the sterile integrity of the container system.

Re-entry into the Operating Room for any future autograft or allowgraft is thus permitted. The smaller container is placed within the larger container after harvesting. The roundtrip to the operating room is completed when the Circulating Nurse opens the outer container for presentation to the Scrub Nurse. The Scrub Nurse, in turn, then opens the inner container.

Containers are also food grade.

Sold in case quantity of 10 sets each.

Normally in stock with 3-5 day delivery time from date of order.

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Product No.DescriptionDimensionsQtyPrice

725100Sterile Specimen Container32 oz.10REQUEST
725300Specimen Container System16 & 32 oz.10REQUEST
725400Specimen Container System32 & 64 oz.10REQUEST
725500Sterile Specimen Container System64 oz. container only10REQUEST
725600Specimen Container64 oz. only10REQUEST

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